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Have you downloaded our FREE WEBSITE PLANNER? Take your first steps to creating a website that works for you

This programme is a simplification of website design building, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and out of control

Where do I start?

How do I know I need a new website? 

If you find yourself saying “I have a website already, BUT” then something clearly isn’t working for you. 

If you find that your website doesn’t work on the mobile, then it’s non-responsive and you need to level up.

If you find that you want to edit your website as it’s out of date, but don’t have the tools or understanding to do it yourself, then the NerdBird Programme is for you!

Need help planning and gathering information for your website design?

Attract the right clients and present yourself as the amazing, professional entrepreneur that you are. Download the free Website Design Planning Workbook today to get you started.

There are two ways I can help you build your online empire

Hashtag NerdBird 12 week programme | Website Design made easy


A busy female entrepreneur and small business owner, who is sick of the DIY website they have, and don’t know where to start with the website design!

Hashtag NerdBird 4 week programme | Website design made easy


A busy female entrepreneur who knows what she wants, has all the branding done, and is looking to get her website design done YESTERDAY!

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Let’s get you on your own trailblazing path to creating a scroll-stopping website to suit you and your business.

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