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8 CTA prompts to improve engagement

8 CTA prompts to improve engagement

Are you getting people to your website but lacking interaction on the call-to-actions (CTA)? 

Sometimes it’s not the message that you’re sending but the words you’re using on the buttons themselves. They might not inspire engagement.

Here are some suggestions: 

  1. Instead of “Limited Time Only” use “GOING, GOING, GONE”
  2. Instead of “Only available up to..” use “BUY NOW”
  3. Instead of “Only X days left” use “JOIN US”
  4. Instead of “Ends today” use “DISCOVER MORE”
  5. Instead of “While supplies last” use “DON’T MISS OUT”
  6. Instead of “Special Offer” use “JUST FOR YOU” 
  7. Instead of “Today” use “CLAIM NOW”
  8. Instead of “Expires Soon” use “GET IT WHILST YOU CAN” 

These prompts can encourage your clients to interact with your website and get them excited about what you’re offering! 

No one wants to read the same old boring stuff any more…

Think about your audience and inject a bit of personality! Dare ya! 

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