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Hashtag NerdBird's Top 10 Fonts to use on a website

Hashtag NerdBird’s Top 10 Fonts To Use On A Website

Choosing the right font for your website says more about your brand than you might think.

Typography, like colours and images, has a massive impact on how users view your website. The typefaces you choose for headings, links, buttons, and even your logo will speak volumes to your audience. Finding a font that works across a variety on screen resolutions and sizes is also an important aspect of the selection, as legibility and readability heavily factor into it as well.

Why is it important to choose web-safe fonts?
I’d love to be able to tell you that we can use any font on any website. You can, but you must be cautious when building your site because not all fonts are website-safe.

Web-safe fonts consist of specific families that are usually pre-installed across the majority of computer systems – that’s why everyone uses them. The likes of the Arial family and Times New Roman family are amongst the most popular. If a computer doesn’t have the font you’re using on your website installed, it will default to a web-safe option that may change the whole look and feel of your site, which you’ve spent ages crafting and perfecting. It is therefore important to make sure your font is embedded into the site.

What fonts should I be looking for?
To gain a better understanding of the website font world, researching and studying other sites – namely your competitors – is a great place to start. If you can identify a particular font, I’d recommend using “What The Font” which will help you identify it. This website will also recommend similar fonts to choose from as well. Once you get familiar with the fonts, you’ll be in a better place to choose one suitable to your brand and website.

Our Top 10 recommendations are:

1. Bebas Neue
2. Helvetica
3. Poppins
4. Monserrat
5. Playfair Display
6. EB Garamond
7. Josefin Sans
8. Libre Baskerville
9. Roboto
10. Lexend Deca

On Hashtag NerdBird we use Lexend Deca, Playfair Display and an embedded script font called Benedict.

Questions to ask yourself:

What fonts do you use?
Will this post make you take another look at your site and see if you can improve it?
What fonts could make my website look better?

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