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WIBN .uk

I’m not selling anything!

Don’t worry, I’ve not sent this link for you to read about what I offer.
I design websites – there. I said it.

This is about how you can help me as a networker – and in turn, how I can help you! 

I get asked the same question; Who is your ideal client?

And I always give the same generic answer; EVERYONE!

Well, here is a helpful page of who, what, where, how, and why!

How do I know someone needs a new website? 

If you find them saying “I have a website already, BUT” then something clearly isn’t working for them… 

If you find that their website doesn’t work on the mobile, then it’s non-responsive and they need to level up…

If you find that they want to edit their website as it’s out of date, but don’t have the tools or understanding to do it themselves, then the NerdBird Programme is for them!

What businesses do I work well with?

Health & Wellbeing

Businesses I work well with:

Yoga teachers
✔ Meditation teachers
✔ Reflexologists
✔ Reiki Masters

✔ Counsellors
✔ Chiropractors
✔ Life Coaches

Design & Technology

Businesses I work well with:

✔ Website Design
✔ Graphic Design
✔ Branding experts
✔ Social Media Managers

✔ Coders
✔ Programmers
✔ UX and UI Specialists

Business & Administration

Businesses I work well with:

Personal Assistants 
✔ Virtual Assistants
✔ Business Coaches
✔ Estate Agents

✔ Travel Agents
✔ Academies
✔ Magazines / Publications

Where in the world?

My clients are worldwide, from LA to Glasgow to London to Liverpool

Thankfully, everyone is connected via Zoom these days. I’ve completed many websites using Zoom for consultations and regular meetings. It works a treat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a few things to note

I don’t provide this service, however I provide content planning docs to clients who are doing the writing themselves to help guide them – or I can recommend copywriters if they want something written professionally (usually WIBN members).

I try not to! I can, but it is always best for my clients to go to a professional brand strategist.

You bet! I understand that websites can be costly for most people starting out. It’s also costly to an existing company who are trying to level up. I offer a 3-month payment plan option, as well as the traditional 50% upfront, 50% at the end option.

Depending on whether the client goes with a 4- or 12-week programme, they can pay over 1 month or 3 months.

Typically, I plan my work 1-2 months ahead depending on workload.

That is usually agreed within the consultation.

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