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Top 10 awesome Google font pairings according to the NerdBird

Every website has a purpose and a mood it wants to convey to the audience and the best way to do that is through font pairings.

If you can choose fonts that conform to those values, you cannot go wrong. In short, the fonts you choose should not conflict with each other.

They should also represent your brand. If you have brand guidelines, be sure to embed your fonts into your website. If you don’t have brand guidelines or a logo, it might be an idea to invest in those first.

There are no definite rules in finding the best font pair, so use your artistic mind to make sure they don’t conflict with each other.

In the list below, you can find a couple of such pairs of fonts that work well together. Google Fonts have one of the best collections of typefaces available for any project. So, I have only used fonts from that library.

They are also the most recognised fonts on the internet which will therefore decrease the changes of your website defaulting to another font.

Here are the font pairings I recommend:

1. Lora & Lato

Lato is a neat text-face that feels warm and friendly. Together with Lora, a serif font, the combination looks elegant and highly readable. It can work great on magazine-style websites, depending on the niche.

2. Merriweather & Open Sans

If you want a well-balanced font with excellent readability over different screen sizes, then Open Sans may be the best choice.
Along with Merriweather as the display face, you have a stable combo in hand.
However, the neutral feel of Open Sans may not be perfect for all websites.

3. Roboto Slab & Roboto

As both are relatives, Roboto and Roboto Slab work well on many projects like technology and marketing sites.
Although the letters are geometric, the rounded and balanced strokes create a friendly feeling.
Currently, Roboto is the most popular family on Google Fonts.

4. Fira Sans & Merriweather

Unlike Open Sans or Roboto, Merriweather is a serif font. With its large x-height, there is no compromise on readability. So you can use it confidently for the body copy.

Fira Sans is a sans-serif face that can do well for headings along with Merriweather for the text. You can also use Merriweather Sans instead if you want more similarity between the pair. The pair looks well for literature and other works where you need a bit of a traditional feel.

5. Playfair Display & Lato

Look at the thin and thick letter strokes along with the rounded and upright stance of Playfair Display. Those features give it a modern and luxurious appearance.

Paired with Lato, it can work well for websites related to fashion, resorts, interior design, etc.
Since Playfair Display’s letters have high contrast, it is better to use it for headings only (which we do!).

6. League Spartan & Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans‘ creator, Santiago Orozco designed this typeface to produce a vintage feeling.
League Spartan is a companion with relatively thin letters. It also has a great selection of bold variations. Check out the weights.

7. Montserrat & Source Sans Pro

Though both are sans-serif, Montserrat with Source Sans Pro is a versatile combination that can look great for a variety of projects.
The rounded and clean letters of Montserrat give a radiant and elegant appearance. Moreover, it comes with eighteen different styles ranging from thin to black weights.

8. Noto Sans & Noto Serif

Google developed the Noto family of fonts to support a wide range of characters from different languages around the world.
Because of its well-balanced design, it won’t be a misfit for any project.
It comes with both serif and sans-serif sets that pair together so well.

9. Raleway & Lato

Raleway looks stylish for headings, especially in its light or thin weights. Along with Lato, it can be a beautiful combination for many sites in cooking, designing, technology, or anything that needs a modern yet friendly mood.
However, Raleway may not be great for big blocks of text as it can hamper readability. So, it is better to confine the use to headings or descriptions with bigger font sizes.

10. Libre Franklin & Libre Baskerville

If you ask me to pick my favorite serif font from Google Fonts, it will be Libre Baskerville.
It has a classy feel which is well-suited for body texts, especially for stories and literature works. It makes a great combination with Libre Franklin for the headings.

What are you favourite font pairings?

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