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Top 4 website design font mistakes to avoid!

I really could go on forever about this, however there are a few key areas that come up frequently:

✖️ Too much letter spacing, especially in cursive script fonts
✔️ With a cursive font, try and get it to read like handwriting. Minimise that gap!

✖️ Using the wrong font for your business (e.g. aggressive looking when it should be calm)
✔️ Research don’t pairings on Pinterest and find something that matches your brand

✖️ Background contrast. It should be easy to read the words
✔️ Always bear in mind your readerships age, and of course, people with dyslexia and other disabilities.

✖️Too many fonts! People love to select 5 or 6 fonts but it clutters the site and makes it appear messy
✔️Stick to 3 or 4 max: Heading, Sub Heading, Body/Paragraph, Logo font

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re designing your site, but trust me, stick to these 4 simple rules, and it will look slick 🤟⚡️

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